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At Eagle Training Academy, we take a customized  approach to continuing education. Your organization is uniquely you and that's what makes it great. We will help you identify your strengths and make them stronger. We will help you identify your opportunities and develop a plan that will work for your team. 


  • Leadership Training and Executive Coaching for any industry

  • Sales and Finance Training for Automotive, Marine, Power Sports, and RV

  • Speaking Engagements 

  • Executive & Social Etiquette Seminars


Take charge of your professional development as you navigate the challenges and opportunities of organizational leadership. Whether you're a new leader, building your career, or a tenured executive, our customized programs adapt to meet the needs of your company.

Developed for each organizational need, this program develops executives of all levels to exceed their potential.  Whether you're building your key leader infrastructure or developing new to mid-level management, the experienced professionals at the ETA provide individualized  programs for your company's goals.

Are you tired of the same old 12-Step Sales Approach given to you in a pre-printed manual?  Are you ready to see an immediate increase in your units sold?  The ETA assimilates into your organization to understand your market, your opportunities, and works with your management to develop a customized approach for your team.  Watch your numbers soar today!​


One-step, online, traditional sales process -  How does your F&I handle the changing market?  At the ETA, our proven track record in F&I becomes your asset.  Our team of tenured F&I professionals work  to enhance the process used in your organization.  With a hands-on approach, the ETA trainers exhibit how to maximize PRU with every customer. 

The team at the Eagle Training Academy participates in speaking engagements for various industries.  Known for emceeing events, key note presentations, panel seminars, and various workshop presentations, this team is guaranteed to make an immediate impact on your conference, event, or meeting.

What is your confidence level on how to properly handle social situations?  Does your team know how to effectively  greet your customers?  Are you concerned about sending your employee to a luncheon, gala, or dinner party?  Our executive coaching and social etiquette seminars equip your team with the skills needed to excel in today's market.

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